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06 March 2011 @ 04:31 am
So after totally losing my soul to facebook games, I return to discover lj has games too??

Stop lj! Stop trying to copy lame precedents set by myspace, facebook and xanga. For real.

You were awesome in your own way! ..Like when I first joined!

These updates are just @.@

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Once again -- I am "that girl" in class. "that girl" who will have no friends because she is the person that the loud annoying talkative kid has a crush on and won't stop talking to.


25 May 2010 @ 01:28 pm
I'm a dinosaur. :P
19 September 2009 @ 02:19 pm
Is going to suck hardcore, I know it. Toothache is killingggggg me!

I hope my gay friend shows up to brighten my day with rainbows.
06 November 2008 @ 05:46 am
I can't wrap my head around it. Well, I guess I can, but WHAT THE FUCK, CALIFORNIA?! Why would you say yes to hatred? The other states, sure, I believe it.

But really.. why would ANYONE ban LOVE?

I've been pissed about prop. 8, 2 and 102 all day. :/ Ugh, luckily my best friend is taking me out tomorrow though and baking me cookies since he knows I'm pretty upset.. and I get to spend some time with my favorite little brother tomorrow! (No, not the youngest one, it turns out he's been brainwashed)

Oh and I found out that Obama won my district! A blue island in red sea! Which is surprising because too many people here are conservative. Not to mention my county is looking a little more Democratic :D Heee~
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05 November 2008 @ 12:05 am
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06 October 2008 @ 10:03 am
Lately, I've been noticing that less and less of my classmates (english, again of course) even want to talk to me. Especially because when I have ideas, no one can really change my mind in that class. I dunno if its me getting old fast, but I'm starting to be set in my ways. Or I might just be stubborn. Last topic, no one replied to me, but that might be because my argument was AWESOME. (Really I think I cheated though.. I've been crusading for gay rights for a while now so my argument has been cultivated over years..) Everyone else that campaigned for gay rights (the topic this week, yay) got spammed by Christians.

In fact, I had to go to other threads this week to start fights.

After trolling around the forums I noticed that there was a boy that fervently denouncing gay marriage and replying to every pro-gay post with the beginning phrase "I respectfully disagree with you." and ending with something crazy like "well if that's okay, what about incest?" and "well if that happens, people will marry their pets".

Anyway... this is a reply to some one eles's pro-gay thread that I just couldn't keep away from...


Asian Kid:
I respectfully disagree with you. If we let any two people get married, the society will be collapsed. Not only gay people, but also marrige in the same family will happen too. We have to think very carefully before we decide and say our opinion.

Cue Ava's response:

Well, I respectfully disagree with you. This isn't a case of "any two people" its a case where two people of the same sex share a deep emotional connection with each other and wish to share the rights granted through marriage that heterosexuals are allowed. I also don't believe society will collapse with the inclusion gays in marriage; its already happening in other countries, why not ours?

That's a bold statement claiming that interfamily marriages will become a problem. Even if incest was legalized, I don't believe that many siblings would participate in such interactions with each other, just as those who are over 21 and against self-intoxication don't imbibe themselves with liquor. The point is, the option is available, but only applies to those who choose to partake in it. Bitch.

So, I was thinking of attacking one of his 'people marrying pets' posts because well... I don't see it becoming a huge issue.. ever.

Marrying your pet isn't really a great idea, anyway, for legal reasons at least. First off, your pet doesn't have a job, therefore: no income. And you'd have to share all your finances with that dog/cat/rabbit/turtle/whatever. When you die, all your worldly possesions go to that pet, which I guess is cool if you wanna piss off your family. And then when you're sick the only people that can visit you in the hospital is your immeadiate family and your animal-spouse. Too bad hospitals don't allow pets inside.. even the ones you marry. Not to mention, during a messy divorce, I bet that lazy no-work dog will just take half your bank account and move to Las Vegas with that skanky poodle down the street.

I don't think I'd care whether people marry their pets or not because it doesn't affect me.

Wait.. AAAAAAH. I totally forgot I could've brought in the 'a percentage of animals are natuarally gay, too' debate, just to piss him off.. Dammit.. oh well..
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22 September 2008 @ 11:50 am
HAH! I haven't been to class all week :D -- Which has been awesome. I've been getting lots of nothing done. Lately I really just can't log into my online english class because everytime I do, my heart rate increases maybe 300%.

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12 September 2008 @ 07:26 pm
Yes, I'm whining. FUCK this hurricane T__T

I punched a huge crack my window earlier this year so I'm concerned that it won't stand up to 100mph winds T___T Wahhh... I don't wanna get stabbed by flying debris ;-; Kyaannn.. I'm totally worried by the pear tree and powerlines right outside my window ;-;

I'm guessing this storm is just going to be like Allison a few years ago (PLZ).. heavy rains, big winds, but just stay indoors and you're cool. Stupid100mphwindzWUT?!

T_____T So my window's duct-taped and I'm trying to decide if I should board it up by putting up cardboard or super stapling bath towels to block out my window >_>

The projection path on CNN is NOT comforting! Houston is smack dab in the MIDDLE of the path! What am I supposed to doooo?

Yes, I'm staying here.. holding down the fort. >_> I had plans to have fun in another city this weekend, but traffic on the way up is horrible thanks to evacuees. :/

..After I figure finish locking it down.. I'm going to hunker down and sleep the hurricane off.. >_>
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